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Why should you become a member of Utopia 56?

Becoming a member of Utopia 56 is the first act of commitment to defend the values ​​of solidarity, citizen mobilization, commitment and above all generosity towards others, brought to Utopia 56.

Each member is a strength for our association, so that we can continue to carry out our actions on the ground.

Whatever your level of commitment, your membership will support Utopia 56 values ​​and actions:

  • The willingness to help more and more exiled people;
  • The efficiency with which Utopia 56 has invested in difficult projects such as solidarity mobilization, citizen accommodation, support for administrative procedures or advocacy to change attitudes;
  • The support Utopia 56 provide to those who are exiled alone or with their families, to unaccompanied women and minors, both in practical and psychological terms;
  • The fight for the recognition of the rights of those who are exiled and in a situation of exclusion and vulnerability;
  • The general interest strategy that allows Utopia 56 to play a driving role for the benefit of these populations with other actors in the field;
  • And to make Utopia 56 actions known to the greatest number!

During our General Assembly, the floor was given to our members to make a statement of the contributions and stakes of this commitment.

The membership is €10 minimum. It is mandatory to be a member if you want to volunteer, as it  allows our insurance to cover you when you take part in the activities on the ground. Once your account is created, you will be able to access all the practical information to take part in our field activities (addresses, schedules, etc.).

Membership is valid for the entire calendar year (January to December). Memberships up to and including December 14th will be valid until December 31st of the current year and membership after December 15th (inclusive) will be valid until December 31st of the following year.

Your membership will help support all Utopia 56 actions.

Thank you again for your commitment!

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