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Utopia 56 Lille

A small description…

Initially created as a collection point to send the donations to Calais

We then realised that the Lille territory also had its needs, and intervened in the St. Saveur camp in the summer of 2017: collection, distribution and some legal support. The camp was evicted in October 2017, but the activities with people continued and Lille has become an official antennae of the association.

The 5 star squat opend a few weeks later: it was then evicted in Juin 2019.

In August 2018 a day centers opened in Lille, mainly for the legal support meetings.


How does it work?

Utopia 56 Lille is divided in 3 poles:

  • On the field
  • Legal support
  • Citizen accomodation

And 2 supporting poles:

  • Welcome: integration and follow up of volunteers
  • Communication et Sensibilisation: writing articles, Facebook pages, visual creations…


For the volunteers

4 initial activities for the volunteers that want to discover all the poles:

  • Meeting with the team: we organise a meeting for the new volunteers every 2-3 weeks
  • Exchange time: every Tuesday and Saturday, we open our day center for an exchange time, where people can come to rest, drink a coffee, discuss, play cards… On Saturdays we organise activities: sowing, painting…
  • Activities on the field: sorting of donations, retrieving donations in our collection points…
  • Legal triaining: legal training for adults (mainly Dublin procedure) and minors, to understand the situation of the people we are in contact with.

Questions, fears, joy… do not hesitate to contact directly the Welcome pole, we will not leave you alone and are here to listen!

Collection of donation

We dispose of different collection points. Find the closest point to you with this map:


Contact in Lille

E-mail : 

Adresse : 84 bis rue de Marquillies, Lille. Open Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, from 3 to 6 pm. , Ouvert lundi, mercredi et samedi, de 15 h à 18 h (volunteering, donations, information…. )