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The volunteer charter

When becoming a member of Utopia 56, you agree to our volunteer charter. We invite you to read it carefully before you become a member.

Note that a technical problem prevents us from modifying the charter on the ‘Join Utopia 56’ page. The charter is the previous version of Utopia 56 charter, thank you for only taking into account the one below.

Utopia 56 volunteer charter

Anyone who joins Utopia 56 agrees to read and respect the guidelines set out in the following charter.

I. Our missions and aims

The purpose of Utopia 56 is to help migrants, refugees, exiled people and also people in distress, victims of natural or man-made disasters, situations of belligerence or other forms of violence, particularly by mobilizing and organizing volunteer teams and supporting other humanitarian organizations (Article 2 of Utopia 56 statutes).

The statutes, moral and financial statements are accessible on this page.

II. Volunteers’ rights

Reception, accompaniment and listening.

Utopia 56 is committed to :

  • welcoming the volunteers when they come on the field
  • integrating them into existing teams
  • answering their questions
  • accompanying them to best accomplish their missions and activities
  • train them on migration issues
  • entrust them activities with regard to their skills, their motivations and their availability
  • define the missions, responsibilities and activities of each volunteer
  • listen to the difficulties encountered
  • listen to their suggestions
  • ensure their well-being during their mission and after if the need arises

Information and transparency:

When coming on the field, the volunteer can request information on the operation and objectives of the association to the team leader.

Utopia 56 is a French association (“loi 1901”) governed by a board of directors and by an office (president - treasurer - secretary). The decisions of the board meetings are communicated to the members through the regular newsletters.

The board of directors can simply be contacted by e-mail at  .

Listening device, alert and psychological support:

The association commits to set up a support group for any volunteer who may encounter any difficulty in his or her actions. The volunteer has the opportunity to expose his or her difficulties and alerts the team leader and/or Utopia 56 board members. A team leader can communicate on request and confidentially the contact of a psychological support.


Through its membership, the volunteer is covered by a liability insurance subscribed by the association.

III. Volunteer duties

Voluntary activity is freely chosen; therefore there is no subordinate relationship between Utopia 56 and the volunteer, within the meaning of French labor law. This does not exclude the respect of rules and instructions.

Membership and insurance:

A membership under your name is mandatory to come on the field. Volunteers are covered by the insurance (liability) of Utopia 56 during their activities within the association, but not during their transport from and to their home. By joining, you attest to be over the age of 18.

The association does not accept minor volunteers, even accompanied by their parents, due to security reasons and psychological risks. Exceptions exist: get closer to your local Utopia 56 office for more information.

Behaviour :

Each volunteer commits to:

  • being under the responsibility of the team leader during his / her volunteer work and to respect the instructions given
  • respecting the people he or she meets - volunteers or exiled people - regardless of gender, religion, nationality or any other discriminating character. Any moral, physical or sexual harassment will be sanctioned by exclusion from the association
  • respecting Utopia 56 association and other charitable organizations, not to denigrate them and not to carry out any activity that could harm them
  • keeping confidential the life stories, the medical acts, the legal acts and all other personal information that can be known by the volunteer during his activity with the association
  • takeing no pictures without the agreement of the team leader, especially during missions with exiled people. You may not speak on behalf of Utopia 56 without the agreement of the team leader. If you wish to speak to a structure, a journalist or any other third party, you must do so in your own name

The association reminds you that are considered as offenses:

  • sexual relationship between a person over the age of 18 and a minor under the age of 15, even if freely consented
  • selling or offering free alcohol to a minor
  • consuming narcotics, as well as giving or offering drugs to minors

Failure to comply with these prohibitions is penalized. The association disapproves and condemns any behavior that falls within the above mentioned points. In addition, we recommend that you have an appropriate attitude during your volunteer work and keep in mind that the public we help is made up of vulnerable people.


When a volunteer is being provided accommodation by Utopia 56, he / she must respect the rules of community life. Whatever the duration of your commitment, you must pay for your nights of accommodation. To be exempt, you must send a request to the association.


Any financial expenses for the association must be made after prior approval by a team leader to be reimbursed. No refund will be made without validation and without presentation of proof (receipt or invoice, no blue card ticket).

The refund must be requested within a maximum of three months to the treasurer of the association, reachable by e-mail to (link sends e-mail). Beyond three months, no refund can be made.


Any injury or damage that may have occurred during the volunteer time within the association must be reported to the association.

IV. Loss of membership

The membership is lost by non-renewal of the annual subscription or by exclusion pronounced by the board of directors for serious reasons, acts or attitudes contrary to the aims of the association and after giving the volunteer the possibility to explain (Article 3, extract, of the statutes).

Charter updated on March 27, 2019