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What we do


  • By joining us on the ground in Calais, Paris or elsewhere in France
  • By opening the doors of your house or your flat, for a single night (only in Paris) or for several weeks (currently in Bretagne, Ile-de-France, Indre-et-Loire and in le Nord), in the context of citizen hosting (only in french)
  • By collecting donations of clothing, hygiene products or other items anywhere in France
  • By making a donation to fund the purchase of fuel for our vehicles, shared accommodation for long-term volunteers and other projects


Come help the roughly 800 refugees surviving in Calais. The organization continues to operate despite the destruction the jungle.

Preparing the eight daily distributions of warm meals, clothes, drinking water, hygiene products etc.

Shared accommodation with other volunteers in bungalows, on a campsite close to Calais, for 5 € per night.
Come for a day, a week, a month or more…

>> Become a member of the organization by clicking here, then come join us in Calais by clicking here.

Got questions specifically regarding Calais? E-mail us on 


Come help refugees in the Porte de la Chapelle neighbourhood.

  • Porte de la Chapelle
    • identification of needs in terms of clothing, blankets or medical care
    • distributing breakfasts and other meals
    • daytime rounds in the neighbourhood to clean the living areas of the refugees
  • Elsewhere in Paris: following up on collection points

No accommodation is available for volunteers that join us for less than two weeks. If you will be staying longer, contact
Volunteers are needed 7 days a week, with morning, afternoom and evening shifts.

>> Become a member of the organization by clicking here, then come join us in Paris by clicking here.

Got questions specifically regarding Paris? E-mail us on 


Utopia 56 volunteers have set up local branches of the organization in their hometowns after spending time in Calais or in Paris. Collection of donations and citizen hosting in Lille, collection of donations in Lyon, French classes in Quimper, citizen hosting in Tours…

>>> You can find all the local initiatives and contact information on the page Regions.

HÉBERGEMENT CITOYEN (only in french… sorry)

Chaque nuit, à Calais comme à Paris, des hommes, des femmes et des enfants dorment à la rue. Nous voulons leur proposer mieux qu’un sac de couchage : devenez hébergeur citoyen.

  • Pour une nuit, à Paris ou proche banlieue : l’hébergement d’urgence. Décembre 2017 : chaque soir, ce sont entre 30 et 40 exilés, dont la moitié sont des enfants de moins de 10 ans, qui sont accueillis. Quelque 80 hébergeurs citoyens d’urgence sont sous convention à Paris.
  • Pour une semaine ou plus, en Bretagne, Ile-de-France, Indre-et-Loire et dans le Nord : l’hébergement citoyen. Pour des adolescents en attente de documents attestant leur minorité, en attente d’une décision de justice, en attente d’une place à l’Aide sociale à l’enfance (ASE) ; pour des majeurs vulnérables…

>>> L’hébergement citoyen, plus d’informations ici

COLLECTE DES DONS (soon in english)

Apporter des dons ou participer à une collecte près de chez vous ? Notre carte en France

La liste des besoins (vêtements, produits d’hygiène, etc.) sur la page «Collecte»

Vous voulez créer une collecte chez vous ? Des questions spécifiques aux collectes : 


The association is recognized as a charity: if you’re a French taxpayer, a donation made before the 31st of December gives you the right to a 75% tax deduction on your income tax in the year after.

A donation of 50 € …

  • It’s a full tank of petrol for one of the distribution vans that bring the refugees warm meals, tea, drinking water, clothes and blankets every lunchtime and every evening at four locations in Calais.
  • It’s a full tank of petrol for the 9-seater van that was just delivered to Paris (a 6000€ purchase). This 9-seater will facilitate the work of the volunteers that take the refugees to emergency citizen accommodation (see the France 2 news story here). Every evening, 30-40 refugees are given shelter. Half of them are less than 10 years old. Around 80 hosts have signed an agreement to provide emergency accommodation in Paris.

A donation of 10 € …

  • It’s two nights indoors in the warm for unaccompanied foreign minors taken off the streets in Tours and accommodated in shared housing, which Utopia 56 has access to till mid-February.
  • It’s 10 kilos of sugar to sweeten the tea that we distribute. A bit of warmth and comfort in the cold of Calais and Paris!
  • It’s half the cost of a 20 € car journey to take a minor off the streets of Paris and to a citizen host in Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor, Nord…

A donation of 300 € … 

  • It’s a new generator in Calais, which we can take to distributions so that refugees can charge their phones, their sole and vital link to their country.

More generally, your donation will help finance :

  • Maintenance and fuel for our vehicles
  • Shared housing for long-term volunteers and young people in civic service in Calais and Paris.

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