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“What we do”

Please, first read “What we do” to know more about our actions. 


General contact

Calais contact

Paris contact

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Contact Lille

Communication and press contact

Fundraising and philanthropy contact


PLEASE. These are work phones, shared between volunteers. THANK YOU for giving priority to e-mails (above) if your request is not urgent. If there is no answer, write an SMS and do not leave a voice message on the answering machine.

Calais contact : + 33 6 40 99 16 45 (téléphone Utopia Calais Bénévoles)
Paris contact : + 33 7 84 09 00 89 (téléphone Utopia Paris Bénévoles)

Utopia 56 adress

Utopia56, Maison des associations / Cité Allende / 12 rue Colbert / CP48 / 56100 Lorient.
(This is a letters box. We do not have an office at that place)