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Winter in Paris

December 23, 2018 - 8:42pm

Winter in Paris

Every evening in Paris, we accompany isolated foreign minors to the police station to obtain shelter thanks to a foster home until they are evaluated as a minor. Even if this allows young people to be sheltered for one or more nights, we face other difficulties in a second time: in most cases, young people who have recently arrived in Paris obtain an assessment appointment, on which their care will depend, with a tremendous delay. They often have to wait up to three months. Three months during which no care is provided, and during which no way to advance their procedures is possible, since this appointment is necessarily the first step of the procedure.

To take these young people out of the dangers and difficulties of the street, we are developing a long-term citizen housing network. This allows, thanks to a network of 3 hosts who alternate each one month, to host them for the duration of their appeal. Help us protect these young isolated minors by joining our network of hosts:, and if you can’t welcome a young person into your home, talk about it around you !