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Winter in Lille

December 23, 2018 - 8:46pm

Winter in Lille

Many people did fundraisings through Facebook or collection spots, and it worked quite well in November! We opened 4 new fundraising places, there are 9 open now, in bars, restaurants, and youth hostels. Thanks to them, we organized two sortings of the garage, and thus could manage to run two distributions for 200 people.

On the hosting side, there are good news, 3 kids have found a long-term host family, and we have 7 new hosts! We also met 3 families thanks to DWB (doctors without Borders) who joined our network. So as to grow awareness in the population, we organized a public meeting around citizen hosting subject. Thanks to our new process for minors, we sheltered 16 kids - even if we had to contact the police several times because they did not take on their duty in finding shelter solutions.

Every Mondays and Wednesdays, we have legal concil permanence, where we follow 28 people. We build and follow their cases each week. We have helped 37 adults asylum seeker getting through the Dublin procedure, 2 were expelled in Belgium, 4 went through normal procedure, 4 exiles adults and 7 minors have had a meeting with a lawyer.

We continue to setup regular sport and cultural activities, this month we organized a theater night, a concert, and an activities day with students. We continue our discussion time every week at our place.