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We are reorganizing in Calais !

May 6, 2019 - 8:01pm

We are reorganizing in Calais !

Our downtown premises opened a few weeks ago, and the first language lessons (french, english, amharic) were given, and individual situations are easing, bit by bit.


The Accompaniment team is becoming more and more effective and multitask in the accompaniment of people: access to medical care, sheltering, follow-up on social and medical situations in coordination with the right players.


We are hearing more and more exile voices during meetings and protests in town. They are being heard again, and it pushes us in the right direction.


Our Calais branch was able to meet Leilani Farha, Special UN reporter about proper housing. She could verify exiles’ living sites, witness an expulsion and listen to exiles, Calais and Grande-Synthe associations during a meeting. Finally, during a press conference, she condemned France for violating the right to worthy housing for homeless people in the territory.


Unfortunately, expulsions on the field are still happening, simultaneously with false sheltering of exiles in CAES (Accomodation and Status Review Centre).

Two major evacuations happened over the last month, making already vulnerable people more vulnerable and at risk.


A young Ethiopian boy died in a truck last month, and no responsibility for this incident was taken by the State/Government.

A gathering honoring people who died on Europe’s frontiers took place last Friday on Calais’ beach.

We will not forget these people who died trying to reach safety and shelter.


Deportations to Sudan were ordered by the Pas-de-Calais prefect and took place, despite the letters that were sent to stop it. We will keep condemning the deportations of people to locations where their safety and welfare is not guaranteed and their life is at risk.

We will also keep supporting Sudanese communities and others against deportations.


We hope exiled persons voices, with the voices of many associations and lately the UN, will lead to a good and worthy welcome as well as the following and respect of asylum law.