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We are continuing and intensifying our maraudes

March 25, 2020 - 12:50pm

We are continuing and intensifying our maraudes

The maraudes of Utopia 56 have been intensified in the last days to reply to the ongoing health crisis and to the abandonment of people living on the streets by the public authorities. In our maraudes, led by a selected team of experiences volunteers, we inform people about the current situation, distribute meals and emergency products (tents, blankets, hygiene kits…).


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In Calais

Every evening, we go with our vehicule in Calais city center, near the train station. We inform exiled people arriving in Calais about the situation and the measures linked to Covid-19. We are trying to identify minors and the most vulnerable people to inform them and better orient them.

New people continue to arrive in Calais every day.

Media are talking about a forced confinement, but as usual, we have no communication from the police prefecture.

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In Lille

During the first week of confinement, we have intensified our maraudes to do them daily. Since the 23rd of March, we are doing 3 maraudes, on Tuesdays, Thursday and Friday evenings with a smaller team of volunteers.

We are informing about the latests news on Covid-19, we are calling 115 with the people to help them find an emergency State shelter, we are indicating the places where they can go (food distribution, showers, charding phones, access to medical help etc) and are handing out blankets and sleeping bags.

The police prefecture of the North has announced on the 19th of March that 153 emergency spots in shelters are been opened. The report one week after: places are gradually opening, but numerous people are still living on the streets. Their vulnerability especially in this health crisis, is increasing daily, especially because the stocks of our shelter materials are decreasing very fast. To help us continuing to support these people, we need you!


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In Paris

Before the coronavirus crisis, the associations estimated that between 2 500 and 3 500 people were living on the streets in the Paris region. Since, the City Hall has put the families we are meeting in gyms, one by one, and with the police prefecture has organised the sheltering of 600 people living on a camp. However, we cannot be satisfied about it.

The Covid-19 crisis has uncovered a category of people that we are currently not working with, but who desperately need help: precarious and poor workers whom, with the confinement, have lost their low incomes and have no type of protection. These people are living in squats or on the streets, and deserve a dignified shelter, an access to food and medical aid.

Moreover we are afraid that the sheltering offered by the public powers during the confinement period, will stop with the end of the confinement.We are therefore expecting a massive amount of people on the streets.

Finally, the support for minors (new arrivals and minors in recours) is basically inexistant. Invisible, nor child nor adult, they are forgotten by the devices, and since the evaluation center (DEMIE) has been closed, they are not oriented towards the associations.


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In Rennes

With the Samu social (social ambulances), Utopia 56 is one of the last two associations still marauding in Rennes.

We are doing maraudes four nights per week (instead of the usual two), helping exiled or isolated people living on the streets.

We are distributing food, clothes (socks, underwear) and masks when we have them…

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Photos credit Livia Saavedra

In Toulouse

On the roads or in squats in Toulouse, more than 1 000 people currently do not have access to food and hygiene.

The Utopia 56 teams in Toulouse are continuing their maraudes and are also participating to the collective food , hygiene kit distribution and health information maraudes in a partnership with other associations like Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World).

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Photos : Antoine Bazin