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Utopia56 coordonne depuis le 7 mars le camp de la Linière

April 12, 2016 - 6:02pm

Utopia56 coordonne depuis le 7 mars le camp de la Linière

Since March 7th, Utopia56 have been coordinating Linière camp which was built by Doctors Without Borders and Grande Synthe city. It openned a month ago and life gets better and better : there are wood shelters with small heating systems, cleaned showers and toilets,  a delivery of 3000 meals a day, and a field hospital.

A laundry got openned. Soon there will be some community kitchens so that refugees can cook by themselves. An animated area offers activities to children as well as English and French lessons to adults.  A camp council enables us to work synchronously with all the communities.

Utopia56 have managed to mobilize 30 people a day and have coordinated other associations’s actions willing to help to the good working of the camp.  A convention which defines cleary our missions was signed with Grande Synthe city who gives us a financing accordingly.

During the following weeks, our aims are to keep on making durable this good working and keep the camp in order. We hope that the State is going to recognize that the issue with refugees is not an issue which ends at the French border. That we can welcome people willing to go to England by other means than with mud and tear gas. That the cost of such a project is not that high.

As for the associative working, our priorities are to maintain the same amount of volunteers, to improve their reception in Grande Synthe, and to make our website more functional. Launched in January 15th, our association is today made up of more than 1400 members who are citizens claiming that people should be united faced with the humane distress.  Thank you for your support. Keep on joining to our actions and spread the word around you. We are not giving in !