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Toulouse : Our hosts network grows !

May 6, 2019 - 9:50pm

Toulouse : Our hosts network grows !

Our hosts network grows !

We have great news to share in Toulouse. The hosts network from Project Accueillons (welcome) is growing, now including two new networks. Already 13 networks composed of 35 families are welcoming 15 minor exiles, sent by the Passerelle home on Toulouse soil.

Thanks a lot to the volunteers !

Meetings, interventions, awareness campaigns

Our Toulouse branch is working to present and develop the project Accueillons, hand in hand with other associations in Toulouse’s region. We took part in public meetings, intervened during theatre-debate sessions organised in Toulouse and took part in Migrations General States. Our goal is to congregate, as we are stronger together.

These public meetings allow us to meet active people in associative¬† circumstances and ease the creation of housing networks.

We still have great needs of volunteers and solidary hosts with us in Occitanie region.

Don’t hesitate to commit with our wonderful Toulouse volunteers.

Finally, the 4th of May, we will be at the great Metic parade, a festival with the purpose of bringing awareness to people from Montpellier to the subject of migration. During the festival, we will talk in the booth held by Montpellier’s DWB.

With Corinne Torre and a family of solidary hosts as witnesses, we will introduce utopia’s missions.

We hope to meet you there !