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Together, we can beat the winter

December 29, 2017 - 12:11pm

Together, we can beat the winter

2017 is almost over but there is still time left to donate to Utopia 56. Spread the word around you, to your friends, family and others.

>>> Make a donation <<<

A donation of 50 €…

> It’s a full tank of petrol for one of the distribution vans that bring the refugees warm meals, tea, drinking water, clothes and blankets every lunchtime and every evening at four locations in Calais.
>It’s a full tank of petrol for the 9-seater van that was just delivered to Paris (a 6000€ purchase). This 9-seater will facilitate the work of the volunteers that take the refugees to emergency citizen accommodation (see the France 2 news story here). Every evening, 30-40 refugees are given shelter. Half of them are less than 10 years old. Around 80 hosts have signed an agreement to provide emergency accommodation in Paris.
> It’s a month’s rent for the garage in Lille where items donations are stored and sorted.

A donation of 10 €…

> It’s two nights indoors in the warm for unaccompanied foreign minors taken off the streets in Tours and accommodated in shared housing, which Utopia 56 has access to till mid-February.

> It’s 10 kilos of sugar to sweeten the tea that we distribute. A bit of warmth and comfort in the cold of Calais!

> It’s half the cost of a 20 € car journey to take a minor off the streets of Paris and to a citizen host in Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor, Nord…

A donation of 300 €…

> It’s a new generator in Calais, which we can take to distributions so that refugees can charge their phones, their sole and vital link to their country.

A financial donation is not the only way to support us!

We are urgently looking for long-term volunteers to support the Paris team. Shared accommodation in the “Utopia 56” house is possible for a few long-term volunteers. We are also looking for two volunteers that could help us move into the house in early January.

Organize a clothes and donations collection in your hometown

Install the Lilo search engine. Each search earns Utopia a few cents. Your clicks have already collected over 1300 €!

What is the situation at the moment, in December 2017?

> In Calais, around 700-800 refugees survive by sleeping in the woods and in ditches. The police confiscate their tents and blankets. We condemn this situation. Utopia 56, with the support of l’Auberge des migrants, Help Refugees and the Refugee Community Kitchen, has four distribution spots in Calais, where at lunchtime and in the evening, we hand out warm meals, tea, water and clothes to refugees from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Ethiopia (Oromos), Iraq, Somalia etc. Join us in Calais.

> In Paris, we are active in the streets to support refugees, who survive by sleeping rough in the Porte de la Chapelle area. We distribute blankets and clothes in the evening, and shelter around forty refugees every night through the Utopia 56 emergency hosting network… An “unaccompanied minors” team also follows up on minors and organizes their transfer to citizen accommodation outside of Paris. Join us in Paris.

> In Finistère, Côtes-d’Armor, Morbihan, Indre and Nord, citizens can sign an agreement with Utopia 56 to host refugees in their home, mostly minors, for several weeks or months. More informations on citizen accomodation (in France).

> In Saint-Brieuc, cultural activities have been set up for the town’s refugees. In Quimper, French classes take place. In Lille, volunteers help refugees in the streets, all whilst collecting donations. In Lyon, there have been clothes collections and breakfast distributions for over a month now. Contacts in France.

In every town in France where Utopia 56 volunteers are active, the conclusion is the same: the refugees are surviving in undignified conditions and are faced with severe migration policies. Wait no more: together, we can beat the winter.