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Several good news for our Rennes branch over the last two months

May 8, 2019 - 2:31pm
collecte de dons en nature à Rennes

Several good news for our Rennes branch over the last two months

New premises for new adventures:

The Rennes branch finally found new premises. We will be able to stock donations from Rennes citizens and surrounding.
But we can also receive new civic services and thus elaborate on raising awareness, solidary hosting for isolated minors.
Thank you to our donors from the end of the years Ulule crowdfunding !


All of Brittany’s donations of clothes, hygiene products and sheltering gear arrived at the Auberge des Migrants’ warehouse in Calais this month, and will be distributed to exiles in the streets. The truck drove by Rennes on the 25th of March  and was loaded by the strong muscled arms of our volunteers.

Raising awareness to Rennes’ citizens:

We carried out several awareness campaigns this month : in a high school with students specializing in ASSP (personal assistance, care and service to the person) towards their trip on the field in Calais.

And in an ESAT (institute providing care through employment) alongside handicapped persons, which organized a collection for exiles that lasted a month (a big thank you for this wonderful endeavour).

Finally, during a theatre representation/fundraising for Utopia56, organized by Ploërmel’s Highschool theatre group.

Wonderful meeting and moments shared. Don’t hesitate to join us if you want to share with us and commit to Rennes and its region.