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September news from Lille

September 28, 2018 - 7:07pm

September news from Lille

Many unaccompanied foreign minors arrived in Lille during August. Field teams stepped in  to provide them with essential items, and to also support them as they go through the process to become legally recognised as minors. The work is not finished yet and we are continuing our efforts to support these young people.


To ensure these young people have shelter, we are also continuing to develop the citizen accommodation facility. Since early September we have started meeting with new foster families again, and are actively looking for potential new hosts. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information:


Collection, sorting and distribution near the ‘5 étoiles’ squat at Porte de Valenciennes started again in early September. 180 people are currently sleeping at the squat, where the living conditions are very difficult. Since August, the water supply has been reestablished, but apart from this there are no other sanitary or cleaning services. The building offices, now used as bedrooms, are fully occupied. The exiles are now forced to live in tents install outside the building entrance.


News: our new centre has been open since September 10, where we can house the exiles (asylum seekers and unaccompanied foreign minors) and advise them on their many procedures. We are working to structure the teams around 3 areas of need: collection, distribution and citizen accommodation.