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Review of the situation in Calais

November 13, 2018 - 5:27pm

Review of the situation in Calais

Two years after the demolition of the “Jungle”, there are still over 500 people who sleep rough every night. To follow this, there are high number of new arrivals each day, including families, women and unaccompanied minors. Our distributions teams continue to work daily to give out the basic needs (food, water, tea, clothing and bedding). In addition, due to the drop-in temperatures, daily distributions of fire wood have started. The drop-in temperatures are a concerning reminder that the government have released no plans for emergency accommodation for winter. Last winter their emergency accommodation solutions were simply inadequate and despite Utopia56 demanding that they put in place more suitable measures this year, no response has been given yet. 

The evictions of people’s tents continue to come daily from the police and have severe effects on the mental health of the exiles. The “Sheltering” team continues to support access to health and rights by transporting people to their appointments to the doctor or legal adviser. As the number of newcomers is very high, the marauding team is trying to find accommodation solutions in common law or citizen accommodation.

With the number of new arrivals being so high, the team maraude works into the night to find places in state provided emergency accommodation and citizen accommodation. Because these accommodations are almost always full, volunteers of Utopia56 work on developing a network of citizen accommodation for the most vulnerable people. We have sent letters to 89 local town halls and are still waiting for answers. The next step is to send this same letter to schools. We hope that it will at least raise awareness towards the living conditions of displaced people in Northern France. 

We invite you to look at the video made by our team: