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July 10, 2019 - 12:29am


Utopia56 association has decided for tonight, the 9th of July, the suspension of the supportive housing, after talking to the exiled families, single women and couples living in the street in Paris.

For more than two years, Utopia56 has developed a network of supportive housing in order to welcome families and single women waiting for actions from competent authorities (the State and municipalities). Since the creation of this network of supportive hosts, our association has sheltered between 30 and 60 persons by night, that would mean between 1000 and 1500 people by month. During June 2019, this supportive network has allowed 1097 people (from which 500 were for children) to sleep under a roof. But 1/3 were left in the street due to the lack of solutions.

The means used by the authorities are overloaded and unsuitable to the needs. The fundamental rights of exiled people are daily violated in terms of housing, but also in terms of access to health care, sanitary equipment or school. For that reason, solutions proposed by the institutions such as daily evacuations, calls ton 115, or emergency place, are failing to solve the critical situation.

Today, more than 70 people (children, parents, single women, pregnant women) are asking for a supportive housing every night. Among them, there are approximately 30 children and fifteen of them are between a few months and 3 years old, several pregnant women and disabled people. However, the supportive housing is not a real long-term solution, this is kind of bandage who contributes to hide the real situation. Moreover, those 70 people only represent the visible part of the problem: numerous associations are working towards the same way and numerous families do not know about those supportive networks.

With summer and holidays coming, while the number of available hosts is decreasing and, due to the lack of solutions, the number of families living in the street is drastically increasing. They are in an alarming situation of physical, emotional and psychological vulnerabilities. Up to now, the association’s volunteers cannot propose enough housings anymore and refuse to choose the beneficiaries according to their vulnerabilities. This is why they choose to establish a camp at Porte d’Aubervilliers with exiled families, single women and couples, in order to lighten the emergency situation and the breaches into the institutional care.

Exiled families, single women and couples living in the street, accompanied by their supports, require a real care and the long-term and unconditional housing of everyone, today like tomorrow.

We hope local residents and support services will support this action and will join the mobilization at Porte d’Aubervilliers,