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Paris :A symbolic interunion to report the government’s inaction.

May 6, 2019 - 9:40pm

Paris :A symbolic interunion to report the government's inaction.

Last 9th of April, several Paris associations helping exiles, including Utopia56, went into strike by stopping their actions for a day. The point was to report the inertia and indifference of Public Powers about a situation which is not getting any better with the years. The living conditions of exiled populations are unacceptable and public powers would rather blame each other than take any responsibility. Associations are filling the gap, and lack the means to offer worthy long term accompaniment and housing.

 Medecins du Monde (French NGO), in their press conference

Link (

remind us that hundreds of people are living in the streets, in substandard camps or in a precarious way in emergency housings, without knowing what will happen to them the next day.

DWB exposes citizens and associations’ tiredness about an unsustainable situation and denounces a purposeful endangerment of people.

 The interunion collective is asking to meet the Prime Minister to talk about these demands:

  •  Protection and emergency sheltering, immediately and without conditions for exiles wandering in North West Paris, allowing them to access fundamental rights.
  •  The assurance that everyone currently sheltered will continue to be so, whatever their administrative status is.
  •  A quick access to asylum forms for those who wish to ask for it, including exiles under Dublin procedure, and to material conditions of hospitality.
  •  Starting a collective thinking group on sheltering and housing everybody in the streets, to find lasting solutions to the crisis.
  •  Finally, and as long as the camps will be there, a guarantee to proper hygiene sites (access to water, bathrooms (showers), and urinals). A stop to police violence, stealing and confiscating of gear (coats, sleeping bags, tents)

 This event was a mobilization success, but also on the media front, as it was greatly relayed by the press.

We are impatiently waiting for real responses following this mobilization. We will keep challenging Public Powers and our actions to mobilize will continue as well, if the answers brought by public powers are not satisfactory for exiled populations.

  Wanted : Civic services

Our Paris branch is looking for volunteers in a Civic Service as soon as possible to join our field team or support team. You can send your application (CV and motivation letter) to this email address : 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.