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Lille : daily accompagnying

January 28, 2019 - 12:01am

Lille : daily accompagnying

Once a week, a pair of our volunteers escorts to the police station isolated minors met during the marauding organized during the week.

They are minors who are waiting for their appointment or their evaluation answer from minority. Normally, they must be housed during this waiting time, unfortunately this is rarely the case. That is why we are accompanying them to the police station so that they can be taken in charge and placed in emergency shelters in the meantime. We set up this system of “minor processes” between the end of october and the beginning of November when the number of minors arriving in Lille increased. At the beginning, we did these accompaniments more than once a week, which meant a considerable amount of lost energy and the need for an obvious availability of our volunteers. After consultation, we decided, as mentioned above, to limit ourselves to once a week by bringing together the minors we met. This month we noticed that there were less minors to accompany, maybe because of better care by the department or simply because less minors are arriving at the moment.

Every week, the association’s premise is open to the public on Monday and Wednesday afternoons from 3pm to 6pm. These offices mainly allow asylum-seeking exiles to come and meet us to obtain more information about their legal procedure - in particular the Dublin procedure - in order to understand it and then know what decision to take and how to position themselves. We also welcome minors who have not been recognized as minors after evaluation and wish to appeal. Some people come for administrative and/or academic demands, we also help them and redirect them to more appropriate structures. The accompaniment in the prefecture represents a large part of the global accompaniment. We mainly go there when reviewing asylum application files for normal procedure, for expulsions convocations but also for signatures, renewals of voucher or transfer orders. Our presence with the people we support allows us to witness the exchanges between them and the institution in question. After each accompaniment, we write descriptive testimonies of what was said during the meeting to keep a written record.This testimony is then transmitted to the lawyer. From time to time, we also accompany people to the French Office of Immigration and Integration. Mostly for people whose asylum seekers’ allowance has been suspended. We are going with them to understand the reasons of this suspension.