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Keep the kids warm ! Target reached !

December 11, 2017 - 5:43pm

Keep the kids warm ! Target reached !

In less than a month, we have reached our target of 27 600€! Woohoo!

“Thank you”, “Well done for your commitment”, “Well done for the help you give to these people”, “With sincere admiration”, “I wish for this project to be a success and for many others to follow!”, “We keep on making a difference!”, “Well done for your commitment. Thank you, on our behalf and on behalf of the refugees!”… Your messages of encouragement warm our hearts, especially as the weather is cold right now in the streets of Paris and Calais.

But we’re not done yet. The more funds we raise, the more teens we can get out of the cold. We set the target of 27 600€ so that we could hire two people during six months and structure our citizen hosting network. We need to keep onboosting this great network!

We need to stay mobilized. There are seven days left before the fundraiser closes. Together, we can get minor refugees off the streets. So let’s keep the kids warm!

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Lukas photo : Lisa, Utopia 56 volunteer (in the middle), with four afghans refugees, during a distribution in Calais