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Keep the kid warm : the testimony in video of Florine who houses two young Guineans

December 5, 2017 - 5:39pm

Keep the kid warm : the testimony in video of Florine who houses two young Guineans

Near Lille, Florine, a 26 years old woman, has housed two young Guineans aged 15 and 16 for the last few weeks. A journalist from french TV channel BFM TV visited her and they talked about citizen accommodation. Watch the video (in french) by clicking here.

With our “Keep the kids warm” project, we want to structure our citizen accomodation network. Thirteen days to go ! Continue to support us on Ulule !

“I’m currently hosting two young Guineans of 15 and 16 years of age. One of them was at the Saint Sauveur camp before it was evacuated. The other got there at night, the day after the evacuation. With a Utopia hosting agreement, you start off with a short duration. You know that someone else can take over. I also hosted two other teens who are now in the charge of child welfare services. I prefer it when there’s two of them. That way they have more to do when I leave for work.”