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​In Calais / Grande-Synthe, the situation is worsening.

September 28, 2018 - 5:19pm

​In Calais / Grande-Synthe, the situation is worsening.

There’s about 500 people in Calais, and more than a thousand in Grande-Synthe.
New comers still arrive every day in the calaisis’ territory… Families and childrens come and go, and we rarely see them again.
Nevertheless, we can note a big arrival of isolated men at the distribution points. We’re trying to give these people some equipement to spend the night during our distribution.
Those who come late in the night are taken over by the marauding team, wich was set up a few month ago, and are given food and equipment.

Calais is getting colder every day, and with it comes the distress and the tiredness of the peoples here. Shelter teams are powerless in front of the growing demand of accomodation.

Regional associations are very worried about the future of the exiles for this winter. Calaisian’s authorities haven’t advert anything, yet, police presence and eviction operations are a daily thing.
Exile people are exhausted. In Grand-Synthe, our partners l’Auberge des Migrants, Help Refugees and Refugee Community Kitchen are the one who come on site.

A new dismantling took place on the 28th of September. Once again, associations are worried about the refugees’ future.

Dont hesitate to join the calaisian team to prepare for winter.

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