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Evacuation in Paris : we need your help for sleeping bags

July 7, 2017 - 8:31pm

Evacuation in Paris : we need your help for sleeping bags

Last Friday (7th July) in Paris, at a very early time in the morning, 30 volunteers from Utopia 56 were working to follow the evacuation of more than 2,700 refugees who slept on the streets near the Centre of the Porte de la Chapelle. From 6 to 11.30 am, during the evacuation period, these volunteers distributed water.

Accompany and reassure minors

We also gathered and appeased the isolated minors who called on the mobile phone number dedicated to “Utopia bambinos”, from 4:30 am this Friday morning, to talk about their concerns. The day before, we made rounds towards the minors (just like those that have been done by France Terre d’Asile), but dozens of young people needed to be reassured. By regrouping these minors, they had then the possibility to be helped collectively by the France Terre d’Asile teams.

Give 1 € for a sleeping bag

Hundreds of sleeping bags, blankets and clothes, as well as around hundred tents, have been saved in order to prevent it from being thrown away. It was hard! Utopia 56 needs donations to decontaminate these blankets because in Paris, the scab is resistant. Give 1 € for the decontamination of a sleeping bag, on

Actions throughout the day

This afternoon, we worked to stock these goods before they became contaminated. Tonight, around 30 refugees have returned to the center, and the activities of marauders (distribution of blankets, sleeping bags, information, advice on travel to the hospital if necessary) continue with Utopia volunteers.

We remain vigilant

Evacuation or shelter ?
A small card in five languages ​​has been distributed to many exiles so that they give us their news !! We know that we will also be able to stay in touch with the Facebook page “Info CAO Refugees”, the dedicated mailbox and other phone contacts that we already have. We remain vigilant about their future.