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May 6, 2019 - 10:14pm


European elections : address the candidates for a welcoming Europe.

The campaign for European elections started.

Migration’s General States (which we are members of) have, thanks to numerous Local Assemblies, written 12 commitments we are putting forward for the candidates.

Everything to know, follow this link :

If you want to participate in this campaign, you can get the candidates’ information by writing us an email. Be at every public meeting, propose live and in public or by letter these 12 commitments.

Make the candidates sign the document and send us quickly the name and information of the person who signed (Careful, to be sure that the candidate is ready to commit, he has to have signed the paper document or we have to be sure that he was the one to sign it, in his name, on the official website. We are obligated to check to avoid publication under a false name.)

Simultaneously, the European Election Site Group from the MGS is contacting the heads of national lists to complete them.

Everyone can contribute by broadcasting their knowledge and network to reach potential candidates. To encourage the candidates to agree to these commitments, a petition was started “I am a citizen and wish for candidates to commit…” on that same document.

Link :

Thank you to sign and share !

The more signatures we have, the greater the chance the candidates will consider these General States commitments carefully.

We are working on the idea that we can organize two national events the 3rd of May (Europe Day) and the 25th of May (Eve of the elections). We will let you know.


Equipe Tous Migrants

(All Migrants Team)

On the same topic, there is a date to mark on your agendas :

Saturday 25th May 2019, on the eve of European elections, protests are scheduled in France and Europe to challenge Public Powers (States and European Union) and rally against all Dublin III accords and their nefarious consequences on the daily life of exiled people, which are therefore submitted to insecurity and precariousness.

To know more :

and on Facebook :  StopDublinCampaign

Thank you for your mobilization !