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Calais camp eviction

February 27, 2016 - 5:02pm

Calais camp eviction

It took us several hours to analyze the Lille administrative court’s measure about the southern area eviction.

Right now we are cautiously optimistic.

Whereas the eviction decree taken by the Pas De Calais prefecture on February 19 had planned to «clear the area of all goods and people (…) by the use of public forces if needed », the judge ruled out any violent actions and emphazised that « the State had committed (…) to evacuate progressively » and to preserve « places well-fitted out for real needs. »

We still can’t figure out why the State organized a press conference only few minutes after they had given the order. Because of their hasty decision, journalists and associations couldn’t analyze the text in time…

Because we aim to improve refugees’ living conditions, we also want to improve their departures towards one of the 102 ORCs (Orientation and Reception Centers). We also have to pay attention to the refugees’ individual and familial projects.

According to many associations working on the ground in the Calais camp, approximately 3500 refugees live in the southern area while the State estimates that « 800 to 1000 » are living there.

The southern area is where the associations have built huts, schools and other places in greater numbers than in any other area. May justice forbid bulldozers. It would be a relief.

The associations decided to take a case to the Court of Appeals to protect refugees’interests and wishes. The appeal was given this afternoon.

Utopia56 with L’Auberge des Migrants.