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Who are we ?

Utopia 56 is an association created in January 2016 in Brittany to manage volunteers over the Calais jungle. The association then managed the first humanitarian camp in France when it opened in Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk from March to September 2016. 

With more than 9,000 members (in July 2018), we shelter teenagers without their parents, we help with food distribution, we collect and give sleeping bags, both in Paris and Calais. We operate in several other regions of France (Quimper, Toulouse, Lille, Saint Brieuc, Lyon etc.).

You too, you can volunteer to help refugees, from half a day to one day.


  • Join the association and become a volunteer in Calais or Paris, with refugees…
  • Become a citizen host to host during a night, a week or more, a underaged refugee or a family at your home…
  • Participate or organize a collection of clothes, hygiene products, sleeping bags…

Explanations, details … and other ways to help refugees to discover here

We are an organization created by citizens from Lorient (Brittany) in January 2016. Discover (in french) our story and why we have “56” in our name here.

 Our word is free and we respect the plans for the future of the refugees.