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opia56 is an organization volunteering with refugees in France.


Videos: See the testimonials of our volunteers on Facebook


In Calais, the association proposes to you to come to help the refugees, by supervising you and by offering you accommodation. Since the dismantling of the jungle, Utopia 56 continues to intervene. There is always a need for volunteers for different missions:

  • Help at the Help Refugees warehouse (including the sorting of donations)
  • Maraude day and night to help refugees crossed (distribution of hot meals, tea, blankets and warm clothes). 


The Porte de la Chapelle center is managed by Emmaüs solidarités. At its side, Utopia 56 is engaged with about thirty volunteers a day in several missions :

  • Management of queues in front of the reception bubble, information and discussion with refugees waiting for entering
  • Organization of collection points in the 20 arrondissements of Paris (setting up points, collecting donations and transporting them to the Porte de la Chapelle center for sorting)
  • Accompaniment of minors to the appropriate structures, the Demie (evaluation device for foreign isolated minors)

Within the center itself, Utopia 56 ensures:

  • Sorting, inventory and storage of donations of clothing, underwear, bags …
  • Distribution of clothing to the residents of the center and return of the surplus to other associations and collectives intervening on the streets and to CAOs (reception and guidance centers across France)
  • Organization of the store and its reassortment in donations of clothing, in connection with others dispensing stations (hygiene kits and bedding)



Utopia 56 needs about thirty volunteers a day to intervene from 8 am to 9 pm, seven days a week. Whether for two hours, one day or more, everyone can come and help as a volunteer.

Important : to come to the field, you must be over 18 years old. 

Not speaking french isn’t a problem. Lots of volunteers and refugees speak english. 


In several regions of France, Utopia 56 can guide you to participate or organize collections and help the associations mobilized in reception to the CAO (welcome and orientation centers).
Utopia 56 is also a citizen watch association: legal action, conference organization, etc.

 Our word is free and we respect the plans for the future of the refugees.



Utopia 56 insured the management of the first humanitarian camp of France, from March 7th to May 7th during the two first months after it opened, in Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk, following Mayor Damien Carême’s wishes. The camp was built by DWB and the city council of Grande-Synthe. 3 000 volunteers worked day and night to prevent the camp from closing, contribute to its acknowledgement by the State, organize its daily life, make it more humane (welcoming refugees round the clock, building community kitchens, leaving a laundry opened round the clock, providing shuttles, blankets, clothes, washing items, dental treatments, French and English lessons, etc). Utopia56 organized 10 000 volunteering days in that camp (about 60 volunteers a day). Then, the State announced their intention to close the camp, decreed welcoming criteria (camp opened only to families with children) and started to destroy some shelters. We were powerless facing those bad decisions that were to lead to disastrous consequences, whether humanely or in terms of safety. We left the camp on August 30th, only a small team stayed until the 30th.


We are an organization created by citizens from Lorient (Brittany) in January 2016. We aim to gather and coordinate volunteers so as to help refugees in northern France. We work with all the other existing organizations up there and willing to collaborate. We can organize 2700 volunteering days a month and we are 3000 members.

You cant to come with donations ?

Please contact u  or +33 (0)6 77 61 29 29.