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opia56 is an organization volunteering with refugees in France.

In Calais, you may help the refugees and the organization will supervise you and offer you cheap accommodation.

In Paris, Utopia56 helps out the other existing organizations assist the refugees living in the streets. And from October 24th, we will also act in the first Parisian humanitarian camp.

In several areas of France, Utopia56 can guide you to participate to collections or organize them and to help the local organizations being into action around the CAOs (welcoming and orientation centers). Utopia56 also organizes conferences and legal proceedings.

We speak freely and we respect refugees’ projects for the future.


Utopia56 insured the management of the first humanitarian camp of France, from March 7th to May 7th during the two first months after it opened, in Grande-Synthe near Dunkirk, following Mayor Damien Carème’s wishes. The camp was built by DWB and the city council of Grande-Synthe. 3 000 volunteers worked day and night to prevent the camp from closing, contribute to its acknowledgement by the State, organize its daily life, make it more humane (welcoming refugees round the clock, building community kitchens, leaving a laundry opened round the clock, providing shuttles, blankets, clothes, washing items, dental treatments, French and English lessons, etc). Utopia56 organized 10 000 volunteering days in that camp (about 60 volunteers a day). Then, the State announced their attention to close the camp, decreed welcoming criteria (camp opened only to families with children) and started to destroy some shelters. We were powerless facing those bad decisions that were to lead to disastrous consequences, whether humanely or in terms of safety. We left the camp on August 30th, only a small team stayed until the 30th.


We are an organization created by citizens from Lorient (Brittany) in January 2016. We aim to gather and coordinate volunteers so as to help refugees in northern France. We work with all the other existing organizations up there and willing to collaborate. We can organize 2700 volunteering days a month and we are 3000 members.


Please contact Pierre Antoine before bringing anything. We don’t have our own warehouse in the Linière camp:  or +33677612929